He has received $850 deposit from me to build and thankfully I stop payment on the rest in time. He will not refund or answer any of my calls, e-mails, or text.

I received something that can only be called junk! The welds are worst than anything I have ever seen. Nothing is square, corners that overlap by many inches. I flipped the shelter over to look at the bottom and noticed it was not fully painted....luckily I bought this to install myself or a regular customer never would have seen it until the floor started rusting out. He gave me a shelter with no braces like he shows on his website.....this for sure would have been a disaster for my family after being put in the ground. If it did not cave in on itself, it for sure would have weakend the childish corner welds for major leaks. On his website the inside and stairs are painted very nicely....my stairs were not painted at all(but had some spilled paint all over them), the rest of the inside was just a childish clubhouse paint job. I can not stress enough about how this whole shelter is ***, everything is badly made....I could go on and on!

I picked this up at night from him and he conveniently had no lights. Please do not mistake his nice country boy talk for someone you can trust....this is the mistake I made! If anyone else has had any similar issues with this man, please let me know.

Monetary Loss: $850.

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I'm also fighting to get my deposit back! He sent me $100 in a envelope and said he would get me the rest soon....still have not heard from him!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #887396

He screwed us over too and we are still fighting to get our last $400 back from him. He is a scam artist and should never be in business!!!!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #748647

John keely got me to for 3500$ I am bringing a case up against him

Maybe we could help each other if you want 4056201141 shane


My experience with common ground and the owner 100% negative please take my advice buy your storm shelter elsewhere

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